Target group:

JGU Lecturers of all discplines


Individual mentoring of lecturers who want to assist their students with their academic writing


We counsel on the following topics

    • You are interested in implementing academic writing into your class (more extensively)
    • You want to counsel student writing.
    • You require tools to teach students the standards of good academic practice.
    • You want to help your students understand their own learning style better so they can improve their self management.
    • You want to develop criteria to objectively assess your students academic papers.
    • You are under the impression that your feedback does not reach your students and want to learn how to improve your feedback practice.
    • Your students are having trouble understanding the reading material in your class.
    • Your students are unable to adequately narrow down the topic of their paper and you want to help them.
    • Your students have writer's block.
    • You are not happy with the quality of your students' writing.
    • You want feedback or help revising your teaching concepts so it focuses more on academic writing.


The team of the Campusweite Schreibwerkstatt offers counseling and training material on all of the above topics.

You would like to schedule a counseling session? Contact us and directly include a preferred date for a meeting as well as the goal for the session.

This service is offered by the Center for Quality Assurance and Development as part of the project LOB: Lehren, Organisieren, Beraten.