Writing Workshops for Doctoral Candidates, Part 2: Writing a Draft – Revision

This course is only offered in German.


Starting point:

You have narrowed down the focus of your PhD thesis, tackled the vast amount of literature successfully, and now you are faced with the challenging task of organizing your thoughts and putting them on paper? This step is not always easy, but there are numerous writing methods that can help get you into a writing flow and create a coherent structure and a compelling text. A selection of methods will be presented and tested in the workshop.
In order to finally move from a draft to a final version, careful revisions are required. That is why the second focus of the course will be on how to distance yourself from your own text so you are able to systematically refine it, and how you can benefit from peer feedback here.

Target group and number of participants:

All PhD students of JGU who have already narrowed down the topic of the doctoral thesis and are looking for exchange and methodical suggestions for draft writing and revising.
Maximum number of participants: 14


At the course, you will

  • receive information about the writing process
  • reflection on of own approach and exchange with others
  • learn about methods for brainstorming, structuring and refining your text
  • learn about draft writing
  • learn about methods for revision


You will:

  • reflect on your own approach to writing and revising
  • learn about different methods for writing drafts and revisions and apply them to your own text

Pre- / post-processing

The participants receive a preparatory task about two weeks before the workshop.


Annabel Kramp, M.A, M.Ed.

Date and venue:

Tuesday, Feburary 23rd 2021, 9:00am - 1:30pm

The online workshop will take place in MS teams. After you have registered, you will receive the access data for the corresponding Team.


This workshop is offered by the General Postgraduate Program (GPP).(English website).

Mandatory applications for the courses are made via OpenOLAT.
In order to apply, you must be a registered member of the GPP.
Membership in the GPP is free of charge for PhD candidates of JGU.