Tutor Training for the Promotion of Academic Writing

Tutors often find themselves in their new role without much prior knowledge or experience in teaching and are tasked with conceptualizing their tutorials without teacher support. The tutor training addresses these gaps in tutor experience by offering courses where tutors may reflect on their new role, learn about didactical tools and receive expert feedback on their teaching concepts.


This course is only offered in German. 

Target Group:

Aspiring as well as experienced tutors from all fields of study.

At the tutor training, the participants

  • are sensitized for their role as tutor,
  • gain knowledge of basic moderation techniques, social forms and didactic methods,
  • apply these methods in planning their own (online) tutorials,
  • try out strategies and methods for promoting academic writing and can teach them to students,
  • learn the basics of writing consultation and test their skills as writing consultant,
  • become aware of the complexities of the feedback process and learn to give constructive feedback on academic texts,
  • learn the duties of a writing consultant

The training addresses the following topic areas:

  • reflection of role of tutor
  • planning (online) tutorials
  • basics of the academic writing process
  • teaching academic integrity
  • basics of writing consultation
  • textual analysis and how to phrase written feedback
  • basics of academic presentation
  • introduction to working as a writing consultant


The tutor training in WiSe 23/24 starts on 06 September 2023.

For further information please refer to our German Website.


For tutors of JGU the training program is completely free of charge. For the completion of all training units the participants will receive a tutor training certificate.

The tutor training is offered by the Center for Quality Assurance and Development.